Who we are

Womankind is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. The organisation was founded in 1986 and since that time has provided a range of services for women with mental health problems in the Bristol area.

To help women improve their mental health and well-being. Our hope and belief is that because of our help, women will experience a better quality of life, participate more fully in society, enjoy more fulfilling relationships and be better able to care for themselves, and where appropriate, their families.


Empowering – Women’s hopes and experiences are at the heart of our work; we are dedicated to offering women support and opportunities to fulfil their potential.  

Collaborative – We believe in listening to and working with women to define their own mental health needs and futures. Supportive relationships are integral to how we work and our partnerships with others. 

Informed – We believe the struggles women face are intrinsically linked to the social, economic and political environment in which we live, alongside our personal life histories.  

Inclusive – We recognise women experience many different, intersecting forms of inequality. We are committed to making our organisation and services accessible and welcoming to all women, particularly those who experience the greatest disadvantage.  

Quality – We want the best for the women we serve. We strive for excellence and believe in learning and adapting to ensure all of our work is responsive to women’s diverse and evolving needs.   

Organisational aims
  • To provide ongoing support, professional therapy and therapeutic environment that is either free or affordable to women living in Bristol or the surrounding area.
  • To increase the availability of psychodynamic therapy in the Bristol area by providing training and support for therapists.
  • To enter into partnerships and working arrangements with other organisations to maximise the availability of support for women.
  • Through judicious use of funds, to ensure our services provide best value.

Clinical services
Group therapy  •  Counselling  •  High intensity therapy

Befriending  •  Telephone helpline •  Helpline webchat

Training and supervision
Volunteers  •  Professionals

Our Patrons
Jacki Hill-Murphy – Explorer and Author
Sian Norris – Writer, Journalist and Founder of Bristol Women’s Literature Festival
Our Funders

A full list of our funders and supporters can found in our latest Annual Review