Are you having a difficult time? Would it help to talk to another woman who can help you think things through?

Why call? Women call us for many reasons. They may be feeling distressed, overwhelmed, upset or frightened and need someone to support them and understand how they are feeling.

Who can ring? Any woman in need of a listening ear can call us. Whatever you feel or whatever has happened, we will believe you and will be there for you.

What we offer…We will listen to you and support you to talk about how you are feeling and what’s going on in your life. Talking about and exploring difficulties and feelings can help you to make sense of what’s happening and why you feel the way you do. Just to feel heard and understood can be very powerful. We can offer you up to 50 minutes to talk.

If needed, we can also tell you about Womankind’s other services and sources of support that may be helpful for you.

Outside of our helpline opening hours you can leave a message and we will try to call you back on the next shift.

We welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve and develop the Helpline service. If you have recently called us please take a few minutes to fill in our online feedback questionnaire.

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Frequently asked questions about the helpline

Both our 0117 and 0345 numbers are charged at normal ‘geographic’ number rates. Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute and calls from mobiles are charged between 3p and 55p per minute depending on your call package. Calls to our helpline would be included in any free minutes you have on your mobile package.

If you are calling from a Bristol landline it will be cheaper for you to call our 0117 number. If you really can’t afford the cost of a call, then don’t worry we can call you back.

Yes, both numbers will appear on your telephone bill if you receive an itemised bill. If we call you back, our number will show as withheld.

We don’t record calls or ask you for your name or any personal information. Your phone number will not show up on our telephone displays and we have no way of finding out your number so we can offer you a safe and confidential space to talk about your concerns. So unless you give us identifying information (such as your full name or address) you will remain anonymous. If you do give us identifying information we will only break confidentiality if:

  • You are a child at risk, or you are giving us information about a child at risk.
  • You are an adult in need of care and support and we are concerned for you safety.
  • You request that we break confidentiality for some reason e.g. if you are at risk and you have asked us to contact the police on your behalf.

We will discuss this with you first and we will remind you, before you give us identifying information, of our duty under Child Protection/Care Act legislation.

Don’t worry, we won’t rush you or put pressure on you to talk. We understand it may be difficult to know how to tell your story or say how you feel. We are here to listen and offer support…it’s ok to take your time, the time is yours.

It can often feel like we are burdening our family and friends with our problems, we may not want to worry them or they may be part of the problem. It can feel much easier talking to someone who is completely impartial, that you don’t feel you’re putting a burden on.

Sometimes the struggles you are experiencing now have links to the past so talking can help make sense of the difficulties. Being heard and understood by someone can make a huge difference: difficult feelings can weigh us down so saying them out loud to someone else can make a difference.

Yes we can call you back within our normal Helpline opening hours. If you call outside of our opening hours, or if you call and the line is engaged, you can leave us a message with a telephone number where you would like us to call you back and we will aim to call you back during our next Helpline shift.

Women who want to support other women. They will want to understand how you are feeling and the difficulties you are facing. We are here to listen and not judge. All the volunteers on our Helpline have received comprehensive training and are skilled to support others.

We want to support women to make their own decisions. We won’t tell you what to do but we will be able to help you explore your situation and your feelings, in order to help you to decide what feels right and possible for you at this time.

No, we are here to support women of all ages.
If we receive helpline calls from younger children we will support them to contact Childline.

1 to 1 Counselling
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