Would you like to make a positive difference to someone’s life?

Could you help another woman regain confidence in herself so she can do everyday things, like going to the shops or joining an evening class? Are you a good listener? If so, you could be a befriending volunteer. Most women who receive befriending are isolated and need help to improve the quality of their lives by establishing new interests and broadening their social networks. Befrienders are matched with women who are experiencing mental health issues and who’ve experienced rape and sexual abuse. You would need to commit to a 2-3 hour session each week for one year and attend monthly supervision meetings.

What Volunteers Say:

“Being a befriender isn’t all about what you can give your befriendee, they can also have a lot to teach you. My befriendee has given me new perspectives on resilience, determination and compassion.”

“Being a befriender has truly changed my life and the way I relate to people. It’s been an education in empathy as well as mental health issues and has taught me how to check in with myself on a different level which has been invaluable.”

“Through doing the befriending training, I have been able to broaden my knowledge of mental health services in the Bristol area, inspiring my future ambitions.”

“Since volunteering with Womankind, I have felt a deeper connection to my sisters everywhere. Connecting with women and hearing their stories, and being able to support women through hard times is such a beautiful and valuable experience.”

“I genuinely look forward to meeting my befriendee every week and spending a few hours immersed in someone else’s life.”

“Of course, it’s a great feeling knowing that I’ve helped someone, but it’s amazing how much my befriendee is teaching me and the impact that it has on my life outside of volunteering.”

The training is comprehensive and considering the seriousness of the subject matter, enjoyable. I really loved meeting the other volunteers, it was such a wonderful feeling to be in a room with such fantastic, like-minded women. The lunchtime conversations were riveting!”

A truly worthwhile cause, befriending for Womankind is great because I can see the effects that I’m having with my befriendee for myself.”


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