COVID-19 makes our webchat more needed than ever..

Who could have predicted when we started this appeal that our lives would have been transformed by a then unknown virus, and that our webchat would become a vital service for many women in the community who are at increased risk of mental health problems as a result of isolation and social distancing.

We are delighted to have reached our initial target of £5k but we have now extended our stretch target because we want to extend the number of webchat shifts we can offer as quickly as possible – this involves extra staff time to develop online training that can be completed remotely and recruit and train additional volunteers.  Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far.  Please keep circulating this appeal to your contacts as we still have another 3 weeks before it ends..

Please share this widely to supporters, friends and family – especially if you or they use Facebook – the ideal would be to share the link there.