… with thanks to Drip Media and Carolyn Denmark!  It isn’t all that often, as a charity, that we are approached by people who want to help us, without having been asked — and for free! —  but this is exactly what accessible communications company Drip Media did. They got in touch to ask us if we would like them to make a BSL video so that women in the Deaf community could learn about our Webchat Helpline in their own language. This was something we had wanted to do, but didn’t think we could fund, and we were truly touched by the generosity. Drip Media, who specialise in BSL, told us that they know how hard it is for deaf people to access support and counselling services, and that they just wanted to help make sure that our message was reaching its audience. They had already guessed we would want a female presenter — and to our delight it was the wonderful Carolyn Denmark who took this on! Carolyn and the Drip Media team have produced a brilliant video that is very true to the Womankind spirit, and we are already getting a positive response from members of the Deaf community. Thank you Carolyn and Drip Media!

Watch the video below: